Hey so this is neat news that I forgot to share on my blog! The Fairgoods team at Uppercut reached out to me after returning home from Calgary and asked me to continue doing outreach to contact potential bloggers/companies who would genuinely be interested in their maker mission and products. It has been about a month since I’ve started and it really has been so much fun! I love reaching out to bloggers knowing that they will inherit the same love that I did once introduced to Fairgoods- just one of the reasons why the internet is so freakin’ awesome! So yah, you should totally check out Fairgoods and either sign up for their e-mail, because they’re always getting awesome new products and featuring the funnest Blog posts (Lots of awesome DIYs!) or maybe even buy something (I’m in love with so much of their Jewelry!!) Talk soon!

Hey guys!

Super excited to share some news that I will be taking on my FIRST freelance web design job!! It’s for an adorable local company called The Dandelion Shop (Check out their Facebook page).

Like I said, super cute Home Decor, Restoration, Painted Furniture Company in little Tecumseh Ontario. This is the kind of work I’ve been dreaming of and hoping for. (Happy Heart*)

Any who, I’ve just been doing all kinds of brainstorming, and scribbling in my sketchbook for the schematics of what I want the website to be- so for now check out this fun Mood Board I’ve created to inspire the design and color scheme of the website.

Mood Boards are seriously one of my favorite parts of design- it’s something I like to do , with the perfect 8tracks playlist going in the background. Just getting in that creative zone and attempting to really take on the brand persona and dig in to textures, colors, products, and sometimes even fonts that I hope to incorporate along the way.




Uppercut: The ideal internship experience

I don’t even know where to begin in talking about my amazing month as a Marketing intern at Uppercut. Let’s just say on my first day I was handed a bag of popcorn, and was introduced to a bunch of inspiring projects and people- this was a true indicator of what my time at Uppercut would bring. Being a marketing intern was both exciting and engaging- I literally woke up every morning looking forward to what the day would bring and often found myself checking in on work tasks/analytics after hours.

How I came across Uppercut was literally a matter of searching online for top creative agencies in Calgary, and landing on their distinctive website- reading further I was intrigued by their clients and level of work. What also made Uppercut strategically unique was their business model, in that it was unlike any I’ve ever encountered. The entrepreneurial side was intriguing stating that they work on in-house projects as well as external clients.

In saying that, I had the opportunity to work on two in-house projects majority of my time, Confab and Fairgoods. To explain Confab it is a modern HR tool used to assist in workplace communication. It was developed when Uppercut was looking for a small business HR tool but just couldn’t seem to find what they were looking for. The beauty of Uppercut is that if the team is unable to find a program/ tool they have the capability and brainpower to make it themselves- in this case they did just that.

With Confab I was introduced to the process of a start-up and all it entails; from giving feedback after using the platform, digging deeper with search engine optimization and marketing, as well as writing blog posts and social media content. This opened up my eyes as to just how much work building and maintaining a wholly owned business truly is.

Alternately, Fairgoods a year old start-up is a curated online store (offering accessories, housewares, apparel, décor and digital goods) that prides itself on putting their makers and their stories at the forefront. Being unique in that they also offer DIY tutorials and kits to encourage others to make as well. With this team my task was to generate organic traffic and attention through PR outreach, monitoring traffic and sales in analytics to see where visitors were coming from and what they were doing when they arrived. I also had the opportunity to build multiple e-mail campaigns and contribute to weekly brainstorm meetings.

When it came to the workplace culture of Uppercut- it felt more like a family of good friends coming together than it did a workplace. The environment was always so positive with smiles and laughter constantly surrounding me. One thing I loved about the space is how collaborative the team is, for example, an account person literally sits across from a creative designer, and the creative designers surrounded by developers.

This position has me ambitious to keep learning and expanding my attained knowledge about digital marketing, e-commerce, and web development. It also has opened my eyes to the massive amount of passion and work that goes into these projects daily. The Uppercut team is evidence of just how amazing a business can be when the right type of people collaborate. I am so thankful I had the chance to spend some time in such a constructive environment that made me feel so welcomed and appreciated. I wouldn’t trade my time here in beautiful Calgary for the world!

Ps: I have to admit that going to visit the Mountains was pretty amazing too!